Jason Lewis, The HappyCraftsman

Jason Lewis, The HappyCraftsman

Idaho Healing Plants and Preparations

Come here to read about my practice, the purpose, and the intentions behind these offerings. Relax, breathe, and let the Sacred Smoke guide you!

It is my sincerest pleasure, calling, and purpose to share with you the fruits of my healing relationship to Earth and Nature. Being one with both a life-long connection to the Land and a life-long chronic musculoskeletal condition- I have been listening to, learning from, and working with the Plants in various ways to bring about physical, emotional, and mental healing, as well as spiritual evolution. The Tinctures, Salves, Incenses, and other plant-based items in this shop were born out of my desire to heal myself with and share the gifts of the Earth that are so prevalent here in Idaho and the Northwest.  

Your Purchases and Support are Greatly Appreciated. They allow me to continue to work with the plants, to learn from them, and to share their medicine. There are many things I’d like to accomplish in this realm- including a writing a detailed book on the Crafting and Medicine of Incense, hosting
local workshops ... and creating and setting the ‘Guinness World Record’ for Largest Incense Cone!
(If you feel called to participate in helping me achieve these goals, I’d love to hear from you!)


Our Promise

• 100% Natural, whole-plant Incense Cones, Loose Incense, and Smudges - Minimally processed/hand-crafted in small batches.

• One-of-a-kind proprietary formulas, methods, and recipes.

• Barks, Roots, Flowers, Leaves, Resins, and Seeds- All 100% Ethically/Sustainably and prayerfully Wild Harvested (or organically home-grown) In-season at peak potency. From Idaho’s Treasure Valley, Central Mountains, and surrounding areas.

• Base materials harvested ONLY from pruned branches and naturally-fallen trees (and occasionally from those who have been felled for forest maintenance). *Harvested only during time of peak potency in late Winter/early Spring.

• Symbiotic Cycles- Plant parts left over from the medicine-making process are utilized in Incense-making --- and by-products from Incense-making are then also utilized as Medicine.

• ZERO adulterants- NO charcoal, saltpeter, nitrates, or artificial accelerants, binders, gums, or glues.

• 100% NATURAL whole plant root binder.

• Minimal to No use of Essential Oils.

• No molds or presses – All Incense Cones are rolled by hand.

• Cones have a higher average burn-time than other similar handmade incenses (approx. 20-30 min, or more)

• Limited Quantities! When they’re gone, they’re gone!

• Intentionally formulated with the essences of the Plant Spirits in mind/heart- to assist in Personal Spiritual Practice and Evolutionary Healing.