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Natural Fiber Yarns

Hand-Spun Natural Fiber Yarns *Finished Knit/Crochet Items *Custom Canine / Feline Yarns

I have been a fiber arts practitioner since the age of 7 or 8, starting with crochet, then evolving into knitting and eventually, spinning- creating the yarns themselves. My love for spinning yarn developed while working in a high-end yarn shop, being exposed to a dizzying variety of fibers, textures, styles, colors, techniques, and so on.

While a bulk of my time is spent on my herbal practices and trying to maintain business and health, my fiber arts days are limited, and are filled mostly with Yarn Spinning.  My offerings will vary, but they will always be beautiful and unique!


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Canine & Feline Yarns

I specialize in Canine & Feline Yarns!
To give you an idea, I will share some of my experience with doing custom spinning...


Would you someday, long after they are gone, like to have a unique piece of functional and wearable art, made just for you- from their beautiful coat- to remember them by?


Working with the brushings from your long-haired/cold-weather breed Dog or Cat, I can spin a 2 or 3-ply yarn, which can either be knit or crocheted into a finished item, or sent directly to you to create with. 

Please read the following basic guidelines, then contact me to discuss and plan your custom project!

*Brushings ONLY – Cut/sheared fur leaves a straight, raw end that makes a rough, weak, and inconsistent yarn.

*How much fur?-  Well, it is difficult to give a general formula of what how much fur will equal how much yarn- this depends greatly upon your breed’s fur, and the type of yarn/project desired.  I spin yarns with 2 or 3 plies, and in gauges from very fine (sport weight) to bulky (heavy worsted).  I usually allow the specific fiber I am working with to call the shots.

Example #1 - Memory Square

A woman in CA contacted me, wanting me to spin the fur of her Norwegian Forest Cat’s fur, that she had brushed and saved over a ten year period, a total of 4 oz!  About 3.75 oz was useable and yielded +/- 200 yards of a worsted (medium) weight, 3-ply yarn. 

This 200 yards of 3-ply worsted weight could have made a simple knit beanie, a pair of arm/wrist warmers, or could have provided the bulk yardage for a large scarf, or large crocheted hat.

Instead, my client wanted a small 4 inch square (crocheted granny square) to attach to her ‘memory pillow’.  This square took around 25-35 yards total.

Example #2 - The Husky Shawl

A project made for a friend, with her two dogs- A Siberian Husky and Husky-Wolf-Shepard mix.

Fur combined from these two large dogs was brushed over a period of 4 years, yielding about three pounds total. 

Some of the fur from the mix breed dog was too short, clumpy, and generally too odd to work with.

I spun the yarn as I went.

Finished size- 22 inches x 60 inches

Finished Weight- approximately 2 lbs

You will also find other shop specialties, including- but not limited to:

  • Hand Spun Yarns & Handknit/crocheted items, and related items
  • Custom Canine/Feline Yarn-spinning
  • Magical Medicinal Wizard Jewelry (Wire wrapped pendants)