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Home of QuintesScents
Pure, Natural and Sustainably Hand-Crafted Incenses
Featuring the Wild Healing Plants of Idaho and the Northwest



Greetings! I’m Jason – Creator, Herbalist, and Maker of Plant Medicine & Incense at MoonShadow Apothecary and Artist of TheHappyCraftsman.
Welcome to MoonShadow Apothecary – A showcase of From-the-Earth offerings intended to aid those who walk a path of self-healing, to open one up to the Natural World & the magic ‘Quintessence’ of Life, or to simply bring one Joy. The items in this shop were born, and are created, out of my own personal journey and relationship to Earth and Nature.



This site is the Home of MoonShadow’s QuintesScents-
Pure, Natural, & Sustainably Hand-crafted Incense Cones. What started as a ‘pet project’, diverted from my medicine making practice in 2015, has quickly become a passion. Please read on to learn all about it! If you just want to buy the best-smelling and energetically-potent healing Incense...


Plant Medicines

Here You will find a variety of wildcrafted, organically-grown and hand-made Plant Medicines- featuring the healing plants of Idaho.  This can/will include: Proprietary Herbal Tincture Formulas, Single-plant tinctures, Topical Salves, Dry Herbs/blends, and other special, unique, effective, and sustainably & respectfully produced items--- All created prayerfully, with the intention of sharing the healing and abundance that our Earth and its Medicine offers us.

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Fiber Arts

It may sound odd, but working with and wearing the fur of our domesticated friends goes back centuries, if not millennia, not only because of its availability, but because canine fur from cold-weather breeds has, in general, proven to be four-times warmer than sheep’s wool! Do you have a Familiar Dog and/or Cat who has a gorgeous, long, fluffy coat?


Made in Idaho

All plant medicines are currently wild-harvested in Idaho. Featuring only hand crafted, all natural ingredients, MoonShadow Apothecary’s Quintesscents are crafted with Respect & Intention from the Wild Healing Plants of Idaho and the Pacific North West. Founded in 2009 by craftsman Jason Lewis, MoonShadow Apothecary has grown to offer over 30 unique and original products. "It is my sincerest pleasure, calling, and purpose to share with you the fruits of my healing relationship to Earth and Nature. Being one who has had a lifelong connection to the Land, as well as chronic debilitating conditions- I have learned a great deal and have experienced even more, when it comes to working with Plants in healing and personal evolution. Relax, breathe, and let the Sacred Smoke guide you!"