Wild-harvested & Hand-crafted Incense Cones

Pure, natural, and sustainably hand-crafted incenses featuring the Wild Healing Plants of Idaho.
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Connect to Nature, Connect to Spirit, and Scent Your Intention.

For those who walk the evolutionary path of the Ancient Ones

Our incenses were born out of great Love and Respect for our local-growing Plant Allies, and the desire to create and Idaho-specific form of perhaps the Original Plant Medicine, the key that opened that gateway for the Ancients to discover the magic  and healing of Plants that truly heal the Spirit, Soul, Mind, and Body.

INCENSE:  verb , To burn.

INCENSE: verb, To burn.

Incense is powerful plant medicine, working on every level of our being- Heart, Mind, Spirit, Nervous System, Energetic and Physical bodies, aura/magnetic field. Moonshadow's Incense cones, loose blends, smudges, and other plant medicine products are all created to promote the Sacredness of Nature- working with the Spirits and Essences of the Plant Allies that share their Land with us- for they are our true teachers and healers.

Each variety of MoonShadow's Incense is intentionally formulated to promote specific aspects and archetypes- to assist One in Healing, Spiritual Practice, and Personal Evolution. All of MoonShadow Apothecary's Incenses and Plant Medicines are ETHICALLY, SUSTAINABLY, RESPECTFULLY, AND PRAYERFULLY WILD HARVESTED OR ORGANICALLY GROWN IN IDAHO and the North West.

BARKS, ROOTS, LEAVES, FLOWERS, RESINS AND SEEDS - THAT'S IT! All gathered in-season at their peak potency. 100% Natural Incense (Quintessentially-Natural) ZERO Adulterants- No Charcoal, Saltpeter, Nitrates, or any other artificial accelerants, binders, gums, or glues. Little to no use of essential oils.



Plant parts left over from medicine making are utilized in incense making and visa-versa. A NO WASTE production!


Base Materials

Ingredients are collected from trees who have either fallen in storms (at just the right time) or have been felled for forest maintenance. All efforts are made to gather premium ingredients without taking the life of a plant, and with as little environmental impact as possible.



Proprietary methods and formulas are developed with intention in the Heart of Idaho. All cones are shaped and rolled by hand. No molds, no presses.

Loose Incense Blends

A bit higher in resin content, these mixes can be burned on a charcoal, used as a sachet, or for water smudge- placing a bit of loose incense into boiling, or otherwise hot water (pot on wood stove), and let the steam carry the medicine where it needs to go!


We try to keep a good selection on hand, but Nature definitely calls the shots. Please contact us for availability.

For Best Results

  • Burn cones in small dish of sand, on a stone, or in a burner-away from drafts
  • Approximate Burn Times (18 - 35 min) calculated in an indoor, draft-free environment
  • Cones can be extinguished in sand and re-lit for future enjoyment
  • Cones are best stored in sealed, air-tight glass jars in a cool/dark place
  • Desiccant packet optional
  • For resale/retail- best stored in bulk, and sold directly from jar
  • Packaging in plastic is not encouraged. Many plastics are porous, and cones will shrink with time
  • Weight, size, and count may fluctuate with temperature and humidity