Organic Plant Medicines

Sustainably, respectfully and intentionally crafted in small batches.
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Tinctures & Salves

Here you will find the basic family of tincture and salve formulas I have created since 2013, during which time, I’ve been sharing among the local, national and international community- via local business and Etsy. Everything is made in relatively small batches, and tincture formulas and salves are mixed/packaged, single-plant tinctures are bottled as needed. All plants are either wild harvested or gathered from local organic/spray-free gardens.  All is done sustainably, respectfully and intentionally. Due to the nature of, well, Nature- Selection, availability, and quantities will vary.

The methods, practices, and ratios I use are mostly all standard (1:2 fresh, 1:5 dry). All recommended dosages come from standard and documented knowledge and personal experience.  I cannot stress enough the importance of deep self-knowledge, especially body-knowledge, especially when healing yourself with plant medicines. Just because a particular plant is good for this-or-that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the medicine for you. I put my best efforts into fully describing plant products, not only the typical ‘Actions & Uses,’ but also the energetic, elemental and subtle qualities.  PLEASE- DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! 

The Plants, featuring...

Ponderosa & Lodgepole Pines • Western Red Cedar • Juniper • Lavender • Arrowleaf Balsam Root • Red Osier Dogwood • Osha
...and more to come!