Ponderosa Pitch Medicinal Oil

Ponderosa Pitch Medicinal Oil


Recommended and traditionally used as an insect repellent, soothes bug bites, disinfects cuts and wounds. (All experienced personally)

1 oz. PET plastic bottle with dropper

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Ponderosa Pitch

Ponderosa Pitch is anti-bacterial, astringent, warming, and drawing. Used by the natives to draw out splinters, and infection from open wounds, and as insect repellent (While hiking in the Idaho mountains in July, a friend and I were attacked by mosquitoes and horseflies. I immediately applied this salve, and within 30 seconds I had no more bites for the rest of the trip. Not only did the bugs not land on skin, but they seemed to keep quite a buffer between them and me.

Also used on cuts, insect bites, muscle aches, and arthritic joints. So warm, and smells amazing. Literally wish I ha smell-o-vision. I harvested the pitch for this oil from ponderosa pines growing in the Boise National Forest, near Garden Valley, Idaho, as well as a personal tree I planted as a sapling 10 years ago. All batches of oil are started the same day as harvesting the pitch, ensuring purity and strength. On a metaphysical level, I suspect that the salve offers insight into growth (tall trees!), strength (big trees!) and protection (massive, thick bark), and insight into sending down deep roots. The essence of these trees is very protective, in a strong, stable, yet loving sense. It protects from invasions, and pulls out anything foreign that has already penetrated.

For Arthritis and Rheumatism: Rub oil into affected areas. Repeat as necessary. Warming will be instantaneous, and penetration is speedy.

For mosquito/insect repellent: Rub oil over exposed areas while adventuring! Will prevent mosquitoes, horseflies and other biting insects from... biting! Bugs keep their distance when the scent radiates from you. And the scent is amazing! Much more pleasant, natural, and of-the-great-Earth than most products. A great wildcraft medicine offering from Idaho!

Ponderosa Pine Pitch, Olive Oil.
Super-Strength - 1:1/2 Resin:Oil

Also Available: 1 & 2 ounce Salve, 1/4 oz Salve, and 1/2 oz Oil. Oil will work on cuts, minor wounds, and for disinfecting purposes, but I recommend using the salve in these cases, as you can use it in very small amounts and isn't runny like oil.
Please let me know if you have any questions!!

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