PonderOsha Salve

PonderOsha Salve


Analgesic and anesthetic, muscle relaxer, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and much more.

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PonderOsha Salve

I am so happy to be bringing this magic salve to the world! I was *given* this team of plants to work with, for my own use for many reasons. I have since discovered much more, and the world now needs to be able to experience this as well. All of the uses described here are a result of over two years of personal use, experimentation, study, and using PonderOsha with friends and family.

A powerful duo of Ponderosa Pine Pitch and Osha Roots, both gathered in the wilds of Idaho, by me and my helper, infused in organic olive oil, and blended with bees' wax. The combined qualities of the Ponderosa Pitch and the Osha offer a salve that is warming, drawing, anesthetic/analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-lactic acid, anti-inflammatory, and mildly expectorant when used externally.

On cuts and wounds, the salve will immediately relieve pain, as well as thoroughly disinfect and further prevent infection. It will also ensure a quicker healing time. As both plants are warming, and typically stimulate blood flow, this may not be ideal for fresh wounds that are 'big bleeders'. For that, you may want to try my IdaGold Salve, with Yarrow to stop bleeding. (I used this on a cut on my finger from a razor, after getting stitches. I started its use immediately and with in 5 days, the skin was healed and stitches were removed a week early)

For muscle aches/pains/tension/strain/pulls- The warming and blood stimulating properties of the salve is quite welcome when dealing with any or all of the aforementioned symptoms. It will reduce pain and inflammation, and generally speed the healing process, as well as reduce lactic acid build-up in muscle tissue, making it great for work outs, hikes, etc. Some Native clans in our area would use Osha root's painkilling/lactic acid preventing qualities when traveling long distances, and also for long running expeditions. Makes an excellent rub for sore feet and restless legs.

For arthritis/rheumatism- Rub on generously and often to relieve pain and inflammation on affected joints. Works great alone for mild/moderate arthritis, but for the deeper, more severe arthritic/rheumatic pain, often with nerve pain, PonderOsha  works especially well with Arnica Salve. (I use PonderOsha on my pains due to auto-immune disease. This salve has been used successfully for fibromyalgia, Lymes, osteoarthritis)

For congestion/chest colds- PonderOsha is a wonderful warming alternative to such cold and harsh things as camphor and vapor rubs. The warming and blood-stimulating effects helps break up congestion, and therefore makes it easier to 'cough it all up'. Rub it on the chest freely, as needed.

All Plants gathered for Medicine by thehappycraftsman/MoonShadow Apothecary have been harvested lovingly, respectfully, and sustainably in the foothills, mountains, forests, river valleys and deserts of IDAHO!!

(I know its a bit on the spendy side, due to the rarity, effort and time involved in harvesting Osha roots, but I can say honestly, that there is a 99% chance that you will love it and it will do something for you!)

Please, Should you have any questions at all, contact me!

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