Hand Crafted Drop Spindles

Hand Crafted Drop Spindles


5 Hand crafted drop spindles. Perfect for classes/workshops, store/shop resale, gifting, mass production of hand spun yarns... etc.

1. Type A- Squared Disc 10''L, 2.5'' Disc, 1.5 ounces. Beginner/Intermediate. qty 2
2. Type B- Rounded Disc 10'' L, 2.5'' Disc, 1.3 ounces Beginner/Lace-weight. qty 3

Maple disc, spruce dowel, brass screw hook. Some have burned accent on ends of dowel, some have burned accents under disc. Some have not been burned. Cut, sanded, primed, stained, oiled, varnished, waxed, assembled and tested by thehappycraftsman in Boise, Idaho. Each spindle is over 3 hours total of work.

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