Butterfly Lodge is an ally for Spiritual Evolution- aligning our bodies, minds, and souls with the greater Web of Life, of Nature- to proceed on our personal Evolutionary Path. It is particularly sweet and peaceful, encouraging and comforting to our deepest selves. It can be a light in the shadows for those of us with life-long chronic illness- to see how the illness is playing a crucial role in our spiritual development and evolution. Like the Butterfly, we must undergo several transformations to live our ultimate destinies.

100% Natural, whole-plant Incense Cones

*½ Ounce (+/-. 8-9 cones) - $18.00 (approx. $2.25/cone)
*1 OZ (+/-16-17 cones) - $32.00 (approx. $2/cone)
*¼ LB (+/- 64-68 cones) - $121.00 (approx. $1.77-$1.89/cone)

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Butterfly Lodge

Red Osier Dogwood • Idaho Pines • Anise

Sweet • Piney • Mysterious

ABT (Approximate burn time)
25-35 minutes

Aligning Mind and Body for highest Evolution • Peacefulness • Spiritual Understanding • Understanding reasons for Illness • Calm • Clarity • Joyful existence, despite hindrances • Appreciation of Body • Empathy

Earth • Ether • Water
Sweet • Soothing • Relaxing • Expansive
(Counters constrictive, dry, broken, tight, tense, bitter)

All, especially Root and Crown

Symptoms & Types
Chronically Ill • Can’t seem to be at peace •  Mental/emotional/physical discomfort •  Hard time understanding your current place • Gap between Spirit and Reality • Too caught up in day-to-day existence
• Lack of understanding mind-spirit-body connection