Candied (Honey-Preserved) Fresh Idaho Valerian Roots

Candied (Honey-Preserved) Fresh Idaho Valerian Roots

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Honey–preserved (candied) valerian root is great for stress, anxiety, and bone deep pain affecting muscles, ligaments, and tendons. For those cold, worn, weary, exhausted-thin, wiry, and ‘wind-beaten’, valerian goes down the column and to the core. Being a warming bitter and carminative, these roots act greatly on GI issues, particularly when digestion is inhibited by stress, anxiety, or lack of rest.

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Candied (Honey-Preserved) Fresh Idaho Valerian Roots

Fresh Mountain Valerian Roots (Valeriana Sitchensis) cooked in pure Idaho Honey and Organic Sugar. Wild harvested in Idaho- respectfully, sustainably, and prayerfully- July 2017.

Nervine • Sedative • Analgesic • Carminative/Bitter/Digestive • Diuretic muscle and skeletal relaxant (motor and smooth muscle, tendons, ligaments, nerves/sheaths, etc)

Warming, drying, bitter/acrid • Ether & Earth Element
Useful in cases of: *Chronic Pain with restlessness/insomnia • Traumatic Injury • Depletion due to over-doing and lack of rest/nurturing self • especially when imbalance is due to disconnection from Nature and Earth vibration.

Best used when deep, restorative rest/sleep are needed, to reset the body’s systems on the nervous system level.

Preparation & Dosage = (+/-) 1/2-1 tsp chopped/mined candied root-boiled in 8 oz H20 for 10 min, covered and steeped for another 10-15. Further sweetening with honey may be desired. *Goes very well with Sleep/’R&R’ Tea and mint-family nervines.

DO NOT TAKE IF: Pregnant/Nursing