Wild Crafted Tincture - YOU Choose!

Wild Crafted Tincture - YOU Choose!


Bottle of a single wild crafted plant tincture, YOUR CHOICE!

Choose which plant tincture you need, we will bottle and label upon receipt of your order! Comes in a 1 oz., 2 oz., or 4 oz. amber glass bottle with dropper.

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Custom WildCrafted Tincture


Single Tinctures

• Yarrow Flower and Leaf
• Stinging Nettle Leaf/Stem
• Horsetail Plant
• Elderberry
• Grand Fir Needles
• Mullein Leaf
• Mullein Root
• Gumweed Flower
• Burdock Root
• Sweet Cicely Root
• Red Clover Flower
• Cleavers
• Hawthorn Berry
• Rose Hip
• Mugwort Leaf/Stem
• White Willow Bark
• Catnip Leaf/Stem
• Oregon Grape Root
• Black Walnut-Green Hulls

***All plants are sustainably, respectfully, and lovingly Wild Harvested by me, MoonShadow Apothecary, and are processed immediately after harvest. Tinctures are made with 5x filtered Vodka, and are allowed to brew for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. All plants come from the foothills, forests, mountains, river valleys, deserts, and urban areas of Idaho!