Earth Lodge is a beneficial ally for those just getting their toes wet when it comes to Spiritual Evolution. Cedar connects us gently to the Spiritual and Physical realities, and is instantly noticed. The essences of the Pines in the Earth Lodge help us to pioneer this new way of seeing, being, and healing into all levels of our Being. This Gift can produce profound experiences, in every aspect we allow it to touch.

100% Natural, whole-plant Incense Cones

*Single Cone (approx. 1.4 g)
*½ oz. (approx. 10 cones) - $20.00 (approx. $2/cone)
*1 OZ. (approx. 20 cones) - $35.00 (approx. $1.75/cone)
*1/4 LB (approx. 80 cones) - $120.00 (approx. $1.50/cone)

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Earth Lodge

Cedar • Spruce • Pine

Sweet • Earthy • Mildly Pungent

ABT (Average Burn Time)
20-25 minutes

Set Boundaries • Build Foundations • Realize Abundance • Connecting to and building one’s relationship to Earth • Balancing of polarities • Recognizing and Developing One’s Spiritual Umbilical Cord • Building Foundations • Setting internal and external boundaries • Roots of Earth Love • Sweetness of Nature • Calming • Peace •  Healing • Soothing Pain • Awareness of Nourishment through Spirit and Earth • Holding One’s Ground

Earth and Fire Elements • Peacefully Grounding • Warming • Nourishing- Steadying
(Counters dry, depleted, cold, empty)

All, especially Earth and Crown

Symptoms & Types
Spiritually Unsure • Ungrounded/unfocused • Depression/Stress/Anxiety • Lack of Physical and Spiritual Foundation • Chronically Ill • Emotionally Insecure • ‘Fight or Flight’ • Physically and Spiritually Depleted •