Natural Herbal BugSpray

Natural Herbal BugSpray


MoonShadow Apothecary Bug Repellent and Bite/Sting Remedy is
100% respectfully and lovingly made with wild crafted and organically homegrown Medicine Plants.

1.5 oz. cobalt plastic spray bottle

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Natural Herbal BugSpray

Just spray it on! The powerful oils in the plants used (that smell great to us, but not to the bugs) keeps biting bugs at bay, but also remove itch and speed healing of bites and stings when applied immediately after the occurrence.

Made with: Yarrow Flowers/Leaves*, Western Mugwort Leaves*, Catnip Leaves/Stems*, Calendula Flowers, Pine Needles and Bark*, Eucalyptus Oil, Almond Oil, Alcohol, and Water. All ingredients are sustainably harvested from the deserts, mountains, and river valleys of Idaho!!! The rest is grown organically in my medicine gardens in Boise.

Please ask if you have any questions!