Osha Root (L. Canbyi) Tincture

Osha Root (L. Canbyi) Tincture


100% pure, sustainably wild harvested osha root (ligusticum canbyi) tincture.

1 oz., 2 oz., 4 oz., and 8 oz. available in amber glass bottle.

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Osha Root (Ligusticum Canbyi) Tincture

Osha is a sacred plant among many, and is threatened by over harvesting. Please know that we make every effort to harvest osha respectfully, sustainably, and spread seed whenever possible. The survival of the ligusticum is paramount. The roots of this particular batch were dug on 10/4/2014 in the mountains of central Idaho, and were immediately cleaned, processed, and left to tincture in filtered grain alcohol for 6 months. This amount of Osha's sacred and powerful medicine should last you and your loved ones a lifetime.

I could write pages about osha and its uses etc., but since you are looking for it and most likely know what you need it for, I will leave it up to you to do your own footwork and research, but here are some common uses that I have found osha a most amazing remedy for... and please ask any questions!

  • Cold Flu Prevention/Treatment/Recovery
  • Most lung conditions
  • Wasting and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes
  • Allergies, stings, venomous bites
  • Indigestion and other GI issues
  • Recovery from illness, surgery, trauma
  • Pain

Doses should be 1/2 teaspoon for acute situations.
-Do not take: while pregnant or breastfeeding
-if you have serious kidney problems
-if you have severe hypertension
-if overly hot and dry (dehydrated)
-Recommended that doses should not exceed 1 Teaspoon at one time, and no more than 3 tsp/day.