Ponderosa Pine Pitch

Ponderosa Pine Pitch

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Fresh, Raw, Unadulterated Ponderosa Pine Pitch, respectfully and sustainably wild harvested from majestic Ponderosa Pines of Idaho. Straight from the tree.

1 oz. and 8 oz. packages available

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Ponderosa Pine Pitch

Ponderosa Pine Pitch is excellent for arthritis, rheumatism, wounds, insect repellent, splinters, and more.

-For ceremonial use as incense-
A small chunk of resin dropped onto a hot coal will release a cleansing, protective, and restorative smoke and aroma. Conducive to many healing practices and intentions. Ponderosa Resin's smoke aroma is predominately sweet and piney, with vanilla and menthol overtones.

-For a natural glue when creating Native or traditional art-
Resin may be melted down and used as a great and lasting natural glue, used on arrows and other tools, bowls, baskets, and more!

-For making medicinal oil-
Resin can be melted into a base of pure olive oil, and used as is, or made into a salve.
The medicinal external effects of Ponderosa Pine Resin are many, including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, painkilling, antiseptic.

-For internal cold medicine-
Resin may be heated and rendered, removing bark and other naturally occurring debris, and while still warm, can be rolled into tiny balls. These 'pitch pills' can then be swallowed to encourage a productive cough during respiratory illness. Pine Resin is very warming and will stimulate a toxin-releasing sweat, and was used by Natives of the area to break a drawn-out dry fever.

-For soap making-
Resin can be rendered. Melts easily and allows for bark debris to be removed. This 'cleaned' resin can then be added to any soap recipe.

-For Candle Making-
Pitch can be rendered and added to melted wax during the candle making process to add its special aromatherapy effects.

---For amounts 1/2 LB or larger, please allow up to two weeks for harvesting and shipping.---