PonderOsha PLUS

PonderOsha PLUS


PonderOsha PLUS- A magic pain relieving salve from the forests of Idaho. Musculoskeletal Healing Salve, Traumatic injury, Chronic Pain, and More!

2 oz.

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PonderOsha PLUS

A warming, blood & immune-stimulating, pain-relieving, fast-healing and great-smelling Salve, specifically formulated for cases of *TRAUMATIC INJURY (bruising, swelling, inflammation, pain, sprains/breaks/tears/pulls/etc); *ARTHRITIS/rheumatism; *MUSCLE spasms/aches/pain/tension/injury; *Pre and post-surgery, and other situations where pain and inflammation are present and healing is needed.

Made with: (Pinus Ponderosa Resin); (Ligusticum Sp Roots); (Achillea Millefolium Flowers) (Paeonia Brownii Roots); and ***(Arnica. Cordifolia Flowers), Infused in Organic Olive Oil, with Bees wax.
Please see *** at bottom.
ALL plants/parts are gathered with great respect and sustainable practices!

I created this salve for myself, who deals with many musculo-skeletal issues due to ankylosing spondylitis. It is the most useful ( and most distributed) salve that I make. I put great efforts into the making of it- including the many gathering trips to different forests and mountains here in Idaho.


*Apply generously, often, and as quickly as possible after
- to treat and prevent swelling and bruising and to speed healing.

**Sprains, Pulls, Tears of MUSCLES, Ligaments, etc

**Breaks & Fractures
(for pain and general healing stimulation- Use with Comfrey with or without Mullein (salve, fresh poultice, liniment, etc--- for bone-knitting actions)


*While Arnica generally works best if you apply it IMMEDIATELY after injury, the PonderOsha Plus team of plants has proven to work at ANY stage in the healing (or worsening) process.

( at least 2-4x/day to judge initial effect)

*MENSTRUAL CRAMPS (with little/no bleeding, stagnant blood. May help with uteran/ovarian cysts )
... and MORE


*This salve triggers our immune system into healing injury, and anything 'out of order' in the body.. People with Auto-Immune conditions should be aware of this. In my personal case, it is quite helpful for everyday use-very much easing my day-to-day ankylosing spondylitis symptoms - which range from arthritis to muscle spasm/weakness/pain to tendinitis to spinal and nerve inflammation, however- it may be too much for some very acutely-sensitive people, especially during an auto-immune flare-up.

People with Rheumatoid arthritis or any other type of systemic inflammation, Fibromyalgia, etc. --- as someone in the same boat, I would say that it is very much worth a try to see what it can do for you. As I said, I have many deep and auto immune issues, and this salve is my most personally-useful treatment for many of my conditions that cause pain. For those A.I. folks who want to try it, I say start with small amounts to judge initial effects
*****While I have never received any feed back that indicates any issues in this regard, with any one, I do want to share this information and theory, for your knowledge.*****
((( It has helped people in my life greatly- allowing one of my massage therapists to give up the thought of needing to retire due to a worsening chronic painful wrist; PonderOsha Plus basically disappeared a chronic shoulder/wrist/carpal tunnel issue with a friend. And many other great stories of healing.
As you might've gathered by now, It is worth every penny, and I thank you for your potential purchase.
*If, after your first jar, you have life changing results, and low/no income, we will talk and make arrangements to keep you able to treat yourself

***CONSIDER***- This contains about 16% Arnica flowers.
Arnica is generally cautioned against with direct contact with broken skin due to risk of increased bleeding
(CAN be used safely in those cases by just applying carefully, avoiding the wound)
I believe this risk is valid, but is because preparations are being made with whole plant. The resins responsible for risk reside mostly in the leaf and stem. The flower is the least resinous part, and that is all I use. I HAVE used this salve on fresh open wounds (with pain and swelling) on myself, with great results and NO issues.
* I would NOT use on someone with thin blood- medications, hemophilia, etc.

*THIS IS ANECDOTAL INFORMATION ONLY. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND KNOW YOUR OWN BODY before considering using on broken skin, and as with using any plant medicine.

*Not evaluated by FDA