Thunder Lodge is a beneficial ally for those who are bound (trapped) by old, unneeded, unnecessary (and often projected-upon) thought-forms, habits, ideas, beliefs. For those of us who cannot figure out, or accept, our individual reasons for remaining chronically ill. For those who just need the tiniest of sparks to set your whole heart and mind ablaze, burning a path of Personal Evolution through a forest of dead growth.

100% Natural, whole-plant Incense Cones

½ oz. (+/- 10 cones) - $20.00 (approx. $2.00/cone)
1 OZ. (+/- 20 cones) - $35.00 (approx. $1.75/cone)
¼ LB (+/- 80 cones) - $120.00 (approx. $1.50/cone)

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Thunder Lodge

Juniper • Spruce • Idaho Pines

Pungent • Earthy • Deep

ABT (Average Burn Time)
20-30 minutes

‘Spark Your Evolution’
Grounding • Protective • Healing Old Wounds/Injuries • Rebuilding the Spiritual Skeleton • Awakening to Spirituality • Healing Old and Harmful Habits/Patterns • Learning Ancient Ways • Discovering Lost Truths • Healing the Elder (young and old) • Choosing Growth and Evolution • Detachment from the unneeded • Breaking old and unneeded boundaries- and growing beyond them

Earth, Fire, and Wind Elements • Thunder and Lightening -
Peacefully Grounding • Warming • Stimulating/Relaxing
(Counters Cold, Stagnant, Boggy)

All, especially Earth, Solar Plexus, and Crown

Symptoms & Types
Spiritually Unsure • Ungrounded/unfocused • Depression/Stress/Anxiety • Lack of Physical and Spiritual Foundation • Chronically Ill • Emotionally Insecure • ‘Fight or Flight’ • Physically and Spiritually Depleted • Chronic illness carried into the present from past lives • Relearning our Bodies • Preparing Body for Spiritual Evolution